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The IKEA Brimnes is a mid-cost bed frame that doubles as a dresser/storage unit.


No need for a box spring

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The size can be adjusted

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Can fit a queen sized bed

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Built in storage

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Great for a student

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Midbeam must be purchased separately

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No headboard

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The IKEA Brimnes is a mid-cost bed frame that doubles as a dresser/storage unit. The mattress (sold separately) sits on top of four large pull-out drawers, which can be used for storing anything from bed linens to textbooks. This bed frame is made from a combination of particleboard, foil and ABS plastic, which helps to keep the cost down. The Brimnes is designed for use with IKEA's standard slatted base system (also sold seperately), which eliminates the need for a box spring. This frame has adjustable bed sides, which allow the slats to be moved up or down a few inches to accommodate mattresses of different heights. The IKEA Brimnes comes in a standard white finish and is available in full, king and queen sizes.

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  • Model variations
  • 4 large pull-out drawers
  • Particleboard/foil/ABS plastic construction
  • Standard slatted base system (sold separately)
  • May be completed with BRIMNES headboard
  • Galvanized steel midbeam
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Size Options

  • Full - 76.75" x 55.5" x 18.5" / 195 cm x 141 cm x 47 cm
  • Queen - 81.825" x 62.25" x 18.5" / 207.8 cm x 158 cm x 47 cm
  • King - 88.51" x 78.38" x 18.5" / 225 cm x 199 cm x 47 cm
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  • SKORVA midbeam is needed for this product. It is included in the price but is picked up separately.
  • Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.
  • May be completed with BRIMNES headboard.
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Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
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  • Main parts/ Partition/ Drawer front: Particleboard, Foil, ABS plastic
  • Bedside/ Bottom rail: Particleboard, Foil
  • Drawer bottom: Fiberboard, Printed and embossed acrylic paint
  • Bed end filling: Fiberboard, Foil
  • Midbeam: Galvanized steel
Post Review
Terrah Vazquez
02/27/2016 11:03

Very low quality press board. Did not last. We moved this bed twice in the 4yrs that we had it...they redesigned it with a center board after we purchased it and Ikea would not trade is out for the studier safer unit. The beds made prior to 2013 are junk and will break. My daughter and her friends fell through the bed because it was too much weight for the beam that is attached to low quality particle board with tiny screws. Mind you these were lounging teenage girls no one was jumping on it...average weight 125 per kid. I would expect any double bed to take the weight of two large average adults at 400 pounds. This bed was poorly designed and dangerous so make sure that you purchase the newer one but even then I am not sure I would waste my money...Ikea is cheap for a reason! I bought this bed because it looked nice and my daughter needed space for storage for a small bedroom. Ikea should have recalled it or given those who purchased it previous to the redesign a new frame kit.  Ikea cheap and bad customer service...basically they stole $400 bucks from our family. I do not shop at Ikea any more!!!

02/01/2013 11:27

I've had this bed for about a year and a half now, for the most part it's held up very well, however the mattress is complete crap. Don't get a mattress from Ikea. Ever.

05/25/2012 11:58

I am looking into buying the Brimnes bed frame with drawers. I was wondering if the bed frame was noisy if put together correctly

07/14/2011 04:16

i toss a lot at night and that causes my current mattress to shift a bit, sometimes several inches of the box spring. I don't want this problem with my next bed, so does the sides of the bed frame come up around the bottom of the mattress, or it it just flat with a mattress sitting on top?



01/08/2012 06:24

We have the thin Sultana (?) mattress on this frame, and with the slats at the lower of the two settings the mattress sits in deep enough that it won't shift. On the higher setting the mattress just slid right off! If you do move around a lot you should know that this frame is not very sturdy and can feel unstable and can be noisy if you are active on it. This could be user error and I just didn't put it together right. Anyone else have this problem with theirs?

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