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The iHome iP71 are a set of computer speakers that feature an integrated iPhone and iPod dock.

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intended to also be used as computer speakers

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sleek remote control

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integrated iPod dock

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compatible with iPhone 3GS

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taller iPhone / iPod Touch block speaker

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look very cheap

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Mine do NOT have the headphone jack shown in this picture

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probably sound pretty crappy

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The iHome iP71 are a set of computer speakers that feature an integrated iPhone and iPod dock. Designed to work with either a Windows or Macintosh PC, the iP71 plays and charges iPhones and all docking iPod models. In addition, the iP71 includes a USB port for computer connections so that one can sync their iPhone and/or iPod to their online iTunes library with a simple touch of a button. The iP71 also boasts GSM-shielding for iPhones and a pair of Reson8 speakers. Released spring 2009, the iP71 retails for $130.

  • 15W Stereo Computer Speakers
  • Integrated iPhone/iPod Dock
  • Works w/Windows & Macintosh PCs
  • Plays & Charges iPhones/iPods
  • Remote (Power, Play, FWD, Bass, Treble, 3D, Mute, Shuffle, Repeat) uses CR2032
  • USB Port (mini-B) for sync
  • GSM-Shielding
  • Reson8® Speakers (1 active, 1 passive, each channel)
  • Computer input and Aux input (stereo mini)
  • Headphone output (stereo mini)
  • One-year warranty
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12/20/2009 11:28

If you connect to any combination of the two back panel audio input ports (Computer, Aux) and the dock audio input port, the speakers play all sources simultaneously, in effect mixing them together. Internally, they may be simply bridged together, instead of being individually buffered.

Concerning Yale's Con, ”taller iPhone / iPod Touch block speaker.“ One review site stated that the Reson8® speakers have one active driver and one passive driver. If so, and if the passive driver is the lower of the two, then docking your iPod will not greatly reduce the high frequency output (which would come from the active driver alone).

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