Easy-to-wear, stylish, safe-for all, wristbands are available in a range of colours and designs.

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This Bracelet is in the form of a fabric wristband with 2 active pellets to be placed under the protective mesh bag of the bracelet. Each pellet refill last for 15 days. Wristbands are available in a range of colours and designs. Anti Mosquito Wristband band with essential oil(DEET FREE). Safe for all family members, Light weight and adjustable, Waterproof and rechargeable. Effectiveness in Tropical and temperate areas. Works for 2x15 days protection, 24 hours a day. Wearable on wrist, ankle,back pack and baby carriage.

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  • NO SPRAY TECHNOLOGY - No more having to spray yourself or your loved ones to protect against mosquito bites. Use the bracelet anytime you are outdoors. Fits all sizes as it is adjustable.
  • FREE 2 REFILLS - Comes with 2 refills for for 30 days or more. When your refill is finished, simply remove and replace when done, no need to throw away your bracelt to buy another one.
  • OUTDOOR PROTECTION - Worried about going outside becuase mof the insects. No more worrying, as long as you have your bracelet it will repel all mosquitos up to 2 weeks for each refill
  • ADJUSTABLE TO ALL SIZES - The bracelet is adjustable to fit children, and adults of all ages. No need to worry about buying the right size with the adjustable brand
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many bands are included?

    There are 5 STRONG smelling bands in each resealable package.

  • What is the list of the insects that respells by this product?

    It's a mosquito repellent bracelet.

  • Does this wristband work on dogs?

    Yes, also works for pets.

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