It built for the superior computing performance needed to manage the growth & risk of dynamic HPC workloads.

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The IBM x3655 is an AMD Opteron-based double-socket commercial application server built for the superior computing performance needed to manage the growth & risk of dynamic HPC workloads. Outfitted with AMD Direct Connect Architecture, the IBM x3655 supports up to two Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors Model 2352 (2.1GHz) or 2356 (2.3GHz), a maximum memory of 64GB DDR II, and internal storage up to 1.8TB hot-swap SAS or 4.5TB hot-swap SATA. In addition, the IBM x3655 comes chockfull of features such as integrated RAID (e.g. mirroring, striping, etc), an integrated memory controller that provides maximum performance for memory-intensive applications, and hot-swap/redundant power & cooling which reduces downtime by maintaining system performance if a fan or power supply fails. The IBM x3655 retails from anywhere between $1000 to $3000 depending on the specifics (e.g. RAM, Drives, etc) chosen, and comes with a 1-3 year limited warranty.

  • Form factor/height: 2U   
  • Processor: Quad-Core AMD Opteron Model 2352 (2.1 GHz) or 2356 (2.3 GHz)
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/2   
  • Memory:  64 GB DDR II 667 MHz via 16 DIMMs
  • Expansion slots: Standard: 2 PCI-Express x8 (low-profile) and 1 PCI-Express x4 (low-profile);
  • Optional: 1 HTx (full-height/full-length) Riser, 1 PCI-X 133 MHz (full-height/full-length) or 1 PCI-Express x16 (full-height/full-length) Riser
  • Disk bays (total/hot-swap): Eight SFF (2.5") hot-swap SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) or six 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA HDDs
  • Maximum internal storage: 1.8 TB hot-swap SAS or 4.5 TB hot-swap SATA
  • Network interface: Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet with TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)
  • Power Supply: 835W 1/2
  • Raid Support: RAID-0, -1, -10 standard, RAID-5, -6, -10, -50, -60 and battery backup optional
  • Systems Management: Baseboard Management Controller IPMI 2.0 standard, Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine optional
  • Operating systems supported: Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008, Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, VMware ESX Server
  • Limited warranty: 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
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