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It built to offer new levels of speed and performance to constrained data center environments.

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can control power consumption reliably, throttling performance as needed

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quality remote management features, easy to work with and maintain 24/7

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chassis is very well designed, easy to install and access

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LED matrix gives a quick at-a-glance status display, handy for troubleshooting

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good airflow through the chassis, stays cool

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can be set up with a high storage capacity

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plenty of room to expand in the future

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The IBM x3650 is an Intel Xeon-based double-socket commercial application server built to offer new levels of speed and performance to constrained data center environments. A step up from the IBM x3550, the IBM x3650 supports two Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors X5270 up to 3.5GHz or two Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors X5470 up to 3.33GHz, a maximum of 42GB of new-generation & high-performance memory, internal storage up to 1.8TB with eight hot-swap SAS HDDs or 6.0TB with six hot-swap SATA HDDs, and an optional tape backup. In addition, the IBM x3650 offers notable features such as optimized power management with integrated tools such as IBM Systems Direct Active Energy Manager, calibrated vectored cooling for keeping system components well-cooled, and a TCP-IP Offload Engine that improves system performance by offloading protocol processing from the CPU to a separate engine or code. The IBM x3650 retails from anywhere between $2000 to $8000 depending on the specifics (e.g. RAM, Drives, etc) chosen, and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

  • Form factor/height: Rack/1U   
  • Processor: Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® X5270 up to 3.50 GHz and up to 1333 MHz front-side bus or Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® X5470 up to 3.33 GHz and up to 1333 MHz front-side bus
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/2   
  • Memory:  1 GB or 2 GB/48 GB Fully Buffered DIMM 667 MHz via 12 DIMM slots
  • Expansion slots: 4 PCI-Express or 2 PCI-X and 2 PCI-Express
  • Disk bays (total/hot-swap): Six 3.5" or eight 2.5" (SFF)
  • Maximum internal storage: 1.8 TB hot-swap SAS or 6.0 TB hot-swap SATA
  • Network interface: Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power supply (std/max): 835W 1/2 AC standard, DC power supply optional 
  • Raid Support: Integrated RAID-0, -1, -10, optional RAID-5, -6
  • Systems Management: IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, Integrated Service Processor, Diagnostic LEDs, drop-down light path diagnostics panel, Automatic Server Restart, optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine, IBM Systems Director, IBM ServerGuide™ and optional Remote Deployment Manager
  • Operating systems supported: Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003, Windows® 2000/Advanced Server, Red Hat Linux®, SUSE Linux, Novell NetWare, VMware ESX Server, Solaris 10 (planned)
  • Limited warranty: 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
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Chris Rodinis
07/29/2013 06:39

For readers who would like a review from a different angle here is a video overview of the IBM x3650 M4:

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