IBM BladeCenter® PN41 is a highly programmable, high-performance blade.

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IBM BladeCenter® PN41 is a highly programmable, high-performance blade.  It's selling point is its ability to deliver Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which is a form of computer network packet filtering that examines that data that passes through a network, which in turn enables advanced security functions, internet data mining. This high level product is targeted to governments, telecommunication, large enterprises and internet service providers. This machine is at a totally other level than the rest of the IBM BladeCenter server portfolio (IBM wouldn't even put the price of this mammoth on its site). IBM is offering this hardware in a bundle with the software of CloudShield®, a network service control and security provider. 

  • Processor: Contains an Intel® IXP2805 network processor for use in handling packets
  • Memory: Contains multiple types of memory including TCAM, QDR and RDRAM. Note: Memory is dedicated to packet processing and is not expandable
  • Drives: Contains no disk or flash drives
  • REGEX engine: Contains a Regular Expression accelerator to speed up searches
  • Front 10 Gb connector: XFP connection to 10 Gb Ethernet (optical)
  • Capture port: Front SFP connector used for data capture and debugging
  • Electrical input: 12 V dc
  • Integrated functions: Quad 1 Gb Ethernet controllers; quad 10 Gb Ethernet controllers used in promiscuous mode; local service processor: baseboard management controller (BMC) with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) firmware; RS-485 interface for communication with the management module; Automatic server restart
  • Size: Height; 24.5 cm (9.7 inches), Depth; 44.6 cm (17.6 inches), Width; 2.9 cm (1.14 inches)
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