The LS41 blade is a high-density blade server that features high-performance AMD Opteron processors.

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The LS41 blade is a high-density blade server that features high-performance AMD Opteron processors.  High-density means that a lot of CPU power is packed into a small compact blade which has all the properties of a typical PC while requiring little power and cooling costs. It comes at the highest end of the IBM BladeCenter servers portfolio.  It is targetted for large businesses that have very demanding jobs that will only grow. It's especially suited for for memory-intensive applications, including virtualization, database and server consolidation.

The IBM BladeCenter LS41's selling point, in addition to its raw power, is flexibility: it has open, flexible configuration that can scale from a single-slot, 1-processor server to a double-slot, 4-processor server in a snap enabling organizations to manage growth and complexity without investing in new systems down the road. It also integrates easily with the entire IBM BladeCenter® family of products to protect overall investment. It has all the other features shared b the BlaceCenter series including remote management, simple swapping within the same server rack without disruption and predictive failure analysis. 

  • Processor: AMD Opteron™ Model 8214HE, 8216HE, 8218, 8220 and 8222
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/4
  • cache (max): 1 MB L2 per processor core
  • Memory (max): Up to 64 GB DDR II VLP memory
  • Internal hard disk drives: Two SAS hard disk drives up to 146.8 GB each; 16 GB or 32 GB solid state drive
  • Maximum internal storage: 293.6 GB internal; up to 734 GB with Storage and I/O Expansion blade installed; up to 64 GB using solid state drives
  • Network interface: 2 or 4 integrated Gigabit Ethernet controllers
  • I/O upgrade: 12 PCI-X expansion connector and 1 PCI-Express expansion connector
  • Systems management: Integrated systems management processor
  • Dimension: 30 mm single-slot blade or 60mm double-slot blade
  • Max blades per chassis: BladeCenter E 7 or 14, BladeCenter H 7 or 14, BladeCenter S 3 or 6, BladeCenter T 4 or 8, BladeCenter HT 6 or 12
  • Operating systems supported: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and Sun Solaris
  • Limited warranty: 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
  • I/O ports (max): 8 or 12
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