The IBM BladeCenter® LS22 is a 2-socket, quad-core blade modular server.

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The IBM BladeCenter® LS22 is a 2-socket, quad-core blade modular server. It comes at the mid-high range of the IBM BladeCenter servers portfolio. It is made to run demanding, high performance workloads fast with the latest AMD Opteron™ quad-core processors. It is also designed for scalability, hence start-ups that are looking to having an exponential growth will find it useful. This blade can be easily added or changed in the same server rack without disrupting the operation of the other blades installed in the same rack. Meaning: less disruption to business and more modularity and flexibility. It has Energy-efficient design that includes low-voltage processors, an integrated memory controller, Dual Dynamic Power Management, DDR II memory and solid-state internal storage options. It also provides high memory capacity and enhanced memory throughput with the LS22 memory booster.

  • Processor: Quad-core AMD Opteron processor 2000-series, including standard power and high-efficiency models
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/2
  • cache (max): 2 MB shared (L2) and 2 MB or 6 MB (L3) shared
  • Memory (max): Up to 64 GB DDR II VLP (up to 800 MHz)
  • Internal hard disk drives: Up to two SAS or solid-state HDDs installed on each blade (support for up to three hot-swap SAS drives with optional storage and I/O expansion blade)
  • Maximum internal storage:734 GB with optional storage and I/O expansion blade
  • Network interface: 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet controllers
  • I/O upgrade:  1 PCI-X expansion connector and 1 PCI-Express expansion connector
  • Systems management: Integrated systems management processor
  • Dimension: 30 mm single-slot blade
  • Operating systems supported: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, VMware, and Sun Solaris
  • Limited warranty: 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
  • I/O ports (max): 8
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