The IBM BladeCenter® LS21 is a server for general-purpose applications.

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The IBM BladeCenter® LS21 is a server for general-purpose applications.  It comes a the low-mid range of the IBM BladeCenter servers portfolio.  Its selling point is efficiency: reduced power consumption and enhanced energy efficiency without much compromise performance, it offers 20% lower consumption and occupies 25% less space than comparable servers.  Its suited for jobs like collaboration or Web serving especially when combined with the energy-efficient BladeCenter E chassis (a chassis is a server rack that supplies multiple server blades with power, cooling and network bandwith, and together with the blades in it determines how much or little space, energy and cooling requirements a server solution requires).  

  • Processor: AMD Opteron™ Model 2210EE, 2216HE, 2218HE, 2220 and 2222
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/2
  • cache (max): 1 MB L2 per processor core
  • Memory (max): Up to 32 GB DDR II VLP memory
  • Internal hard disk drives: One SAS hard disk drive up to 146.8 GB; 15.8 GB or 31.4 GB solid state drive
  • Maximum internal storage: 146.8 GB internally; up to 587.2 GB with Storage and I/O Expansion blade installed; up to 31.4 GB using solid state
  • Network interface: 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet controllers
  • I/O upgrade: 1 PCI-X expansion connector and 1 PCI-Express expansion connector
  • Systems management: Integrated systems management processor
  • Dimension: 30 mm single-slot blade
  • Operating systems supported: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and Sun Solaris
  • Limited warranty: 1-year or 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
  • I/O ports (max): 8
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