IBM BladeCenter HS21, released in 2007, is a high-density blade server supported in all IBM BladeCenter chassis.

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IBM BladeCenter HS21, released in 2007, is a high-density blade server supported in all IBM BladeCenter chassis. It comes in the low range of the IBM BladeCenter server portfolio.  High-density means that  a lot of CPU power is packed into a small compact blade which has all the properties of a typical PC while requiring little power and cooling costs, and a chassis is a frame that holds in it many such blades. The selling point here is:a server blade that has a lot of power that can occupy as little real estate as possible, and is compatible with the existing frames (chassis) and requires little maintenance from the purchasing company.  This machine also has Integrated System Management Processor, light path diagnostics, and Predictive Failure Analysis combine to provide powerful management capabilities.  It also has IBM Systems Director provides remote management from a single graphical console—helping simplify and automate IT and networking tasks.

This blade can be easily added or changed in the same server rack without disrupting the operation of the other blades installed in the same rack.  Meaning: less disruption to business and more modularity and flexibility.

  •  Processor: Dual-Core Intel®  Xeon® up to 3.0 GHz or Quad-Core Intel Xeon up to 3.33 GHz and up to 1333 MHz front-side bus
  • Number of processors (std/max): 1/2
  • cache (max): U6 MB L2 shared (dual-core) or 2x6 MB L2 (quad-core)
  • Memory (max): Up to 16 GB with Fully Buffered DIMMs (internal) and up to 32 GB with Memory and I/O Expansion Unit
  • Internal hard disk drives: Up to two Small Form Factor (2.5") 10,000rpm SAS hard disk drives installed on each blade (support for up to three hot-swap SAS drives with optional Storage and I/O blade)
  • Maximum internal storage: 734 GB (with optional Storage and I/O blade)
  • Network interface: Dual Gigabit Ethernet (TOE capable), up to 8 ports optional
  • I/O upgrade: 1 PCI-X expansion card connection (traditional) and 1 PCI-Express (high-speed)
  • RAID support: Integrated RAID-0 or -1 standard, integrated RAID-1E or RAID-5 optional with Storage and I/O blade
  • Systems management: Integrated systems management processor
  • Operating systems supported: Red Hat Linux®, SUSE Linux, VMWare ESX Server, Microsoft® Windows Server®, Open Enterprise Server (NetWare 6.5) and SUN Solaris 10
  • Limited warranty: 1-year or 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
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