I-Blason ArmorBox slim profile dual layer armored protective case for Apple iphone 6 plus some serious attitude.

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i-Blason ArmorBox [Yellow Jacket] slim profile dual layer armored protective case for Apple iphone 6 plus some serious attitude. This case adopts advanced uni-body dual-layer design including a flexible TPU inner core and a contemporary Polycarbonate hard shell. i-Blason ArmorBox case also comes with a front cover with built-in screen protector which will prevent your screen from scratch, dust or being shattered. It is ultra light weight yet still extremely protective owing to its impact resistant bumper design. Dotted pattern inner TPU layer is included to provides excellent shock absorption.To sum it up, i-Blason ArmorBox case got the look! It stings like a yellow jacket and protects your phone like no other cases. 

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  • Designed Specifically for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch 2014 Release
  • Polycarbonate hard shell + flexible TPU inner core dual layer protection from drops and scratches
  • Front protective cover for Apple iPhone 6 plus with built-in screen protector
  • Advanced protection technology: dotted-pattern Layout TPU core for maximized shock absorption
  • Precise cut and design
  • Easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all iPhone features
  • Unique appearance with contemporary design 
  • Impact resistant bumper design 
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i-Blason offers 1 year limited warranty on all i-Blason cell phone/tablet accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with belt clip?

    No it doesn't.

  • Can you remove the screen protector easily? Want to use my own privacy screen.

    The screen is actually a glued piece so unless you want removed and glue your own on than you don't want to buy this case.

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