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From the Manufacturer
Parks Bonifay Signature Board. The standard in high end cores. The lightest poured foam Hyperlite has ever developed. Designed to push the limits of the most aggressive riding.
  • Bio2 Core - Created a few years back with Dow chemical for the right combining swing weight and durability for recreational to advanced riding.
  • E Core - Innovation thru energy. A one hundered percent wood core brings the torsional flex of your favorite snowboard and a new dimension off the peak of a liquid kicker and on rails.
  • ABS Sidewall - You have one of those rides where nothing is going your way. Just feel like smashing your board? Our torsionally stiffest wakeboards were built for the infamous hockey temper.
  • Monocoque Construction - Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts and prevents the ol’ side delamination.
  • Layered Glass - A non-woven glass available in 4 sizes depending on the size of the board. Over time, woven glass fibers will separate. Every Hyperlite deck will have the same snap on a double after 5 seasons as it will on the first one.
  • Synthetic Leather Top - No it isn't made out of a cow but it makes for a catchy icon much like the board does sitting in a rack.
  • Metal Flake Top - Boats shouldn't be the only ones cruising around with the bling on your lake.
  • Jib Ribs - Prepared for a well executed lipslide or boardlslide. Ribbed for your pleasure.
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