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Husqvarna's AutoMower 220AC is a robotic lawn mower, and a step up from the 210C model.

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works as expected - never goes beyond the wire boundaries

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increases free time - one less household chore to do!

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aesthetics - looks futuristic and cool

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very safe - engine cuts out immediately when lifted off the ground

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expensive - costs a lot more than most lawnmowers

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cuts grass under 3" in length - might be too short for some environments

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more susceptible to theft than traditional mowers

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 Husqvarna's AutoMower 220AC is a robotic lawn mower, and a step up from the 210C model. The main difference is that the 220AC is capable of charging itself automatically, as it can find its way back to the charging station by using a guide wire. The cutting perimeter is determined with 800ft of guide wire as well, which allows for a total working area of about 0.5 acres or 2000 square metres (without moving the guidewire). The mower has easy height adjustment, facilitated with a top-mounted rotary dial, and it also features a top-mounted LCD display for access to various custom settings. Also includes a PIN security system and anti-theft alarm. Like the 210C, this model can climb grades of up to 35% and can handle rough terrain.

  • Automatic grass cutting
  • 800ft loop wire
  • Ideal for mid-size home lawns
  • 0.5 acre working area
  • LCD panel with custom settings
  • Height adjustment top dial
  • 35% grade climbing
  • 45 minute charge time
  • 45 minute operation time
  • Automatic charging
  • 0.8 - 2.4 inch cutting range
  • Lift and tilt sensors, plus PIN code security system and anti-theft alarm
  • Significantly quieter than standard lawnmowers (62dB)
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