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Husqvarna's 7021R is a mid-range lawnmower with similar features to the 7021F.

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very light weight, easy to maneuver even on hills

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bag and mulch plug are easy to install and remove

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engine cranks on the first pull consistently

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clippings are well-mulched the first time

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efficient cutting, allows for fast progress over the lawn without having to do a second pass

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shute may plug when cutting longer grass, tends to fall off

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self-propelled action has very low horsepower, needs a good shove on hills

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Husqvarna's 7021R is a mid-range lawnmower with similar features to the 7021F. The main difference is that the 7021R uses rear wheel drive as opposed to the 7021F's front. The 7021R still has the AutoWalk feature, a built-in driving feature that allows the operator to walk behind without having to push. The deck and cutting radius is 21", and the all of the wheels are 8" in diameter. One other upgrade over the F model is that the deck height adjustment on the 7021R can be done with a single lever, without having to adjust wheels individually. This mower can either mulch clippings, store them in a 2-bushel bag or discharge them to the side. The handle height is adjustable and has cushioned handgrips. The AutoWalk feature is engaged by pulling a trigger by the top of the handles.

  • Released June 2009
  • 21" deck/cutting radius
  • Rear-wheel drivetrain
  • Single-lever deck height adjustment
  • 6.9 lb-ft gross torque, 160cc Honda GCV160 engine
  • Side discharge, mulching or bagging
  • AutoWalk self-driving, trigger operated
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Folding handle for storage/transport
  • Soft grips
  • Double ball-bearing wheels
  • Adjustable wheel heights
  • 8" wheels
  • 1.5"-3.5" cutting heights
  • 2-year homeowner warranty
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