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The Husqvarna 7021F is a mid-range walk-behind lawnmower and is supposed to be easy to use and control.

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comes assembled and "ready to mow", not much to the final setup

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not too heavy, easy to haul up onto a trailer if you need to

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plenty of power to quickly work through thicker grass

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wheels roll smoothly, doesn't take a lot of energy to push it

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can handle heavy use through tough weeds and still work fine after several years

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cheap and easy to repair if something gets damaged

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starts right up first try every time

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The Husqvarna 7021F is a mid-range walk-behind lawnmower and is supposed to be easy to use and control. It has a self-driving ("AutoWalk") feature that can be activated by squeezing a trigger on the handle, meaning the operator can walk behind it and push at any desirable pace. It uses a 160cc Honda engine that achieves 6.9 gross torque. The deck (and therefore cutting width) is 21" and there are three options for cuttings: side discharge, rear bagging, or mulching. The rear wheels are larger than the front ones, at 12", and this is supposed to make for more versatile controls in varying types of terrain. It has a folding handle for compact storage or travel as well. The handle's height can be adjusted and there are soft grip regions to make mowing a bit more comfortable. Husqvarna supports the 7021F with a two-year warranty.

  • Released June 2009
  • 21" deck/cutting radius
  • 6.9 lb-ft gross torque, 160cc Honda GCV160 engine
  • Side discharge, mulching or bagging
  • AutoWalk self-driving, trigger operated
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Folding handle for storage/transport
  • Soft grips
  • Double ball-bearing wheels
  • Adjustable wheel heights
  • 12" rear wheels
  • 1.5"-3.5" cutting heights
  • 2-year homeowner warranty
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Jim White
05/16/2013 01:33
Jim White
05/16/2013 01:33

what type of gas do you use in this kind of lawn mower. tks jim white

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