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The Husqvarna 353G E-TECH is a mid-grade gas powered chain-saw designed for all purpose use.

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heated handles keep your hands warm when cutting firewood in the winter, very comfortable

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starts reliably, generally the first try every time

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good balance that lets you cut straight and precise

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reasonably easy to maintain, provides good access to the different parts and has a modular design that's easy to make minor repairs on

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not too heavy, won't tire out your arms

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works through small trees and firewood quickly and easily

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doesn't send too many vibrations through your hands

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not right for medium to large sized trees, a little small and not quite the right power

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The Husqvarna 353G E-TECH is a mid-grade gas powered chain-saw designed for all purpose use. The 353G E-TECH is meant to provide higher power options while maintaining a low overall emissions percentage; generally meaning its safer for the environment and more economical on fuel consumption.

The Husqvarna 353G E-TECH chainsaw is equipped with unique Husqvarna technology such as the air injection system which is meant to keep dust particles away from the air filter, a "smart start" system which works together to increase reliability and decrease starter cord resistance, a magnesium material crankcase which is made to remain sturdy even at higher RPMs, and unique heated handles equipped with interior heating coils to keep the user's hands warm during in-climate weather conditions. The Husqvarna 353G E-TECH chain-saw includes additional features such as a side-mounted chain tensioner, an "ergonomic" rear handle, a three piece crankshaft, a unique "Eco-pump" which stops automatic lubrication while the device is idling, and a "LowVib" body design manufactured to eliminate heavy vibrations during operation which cuts down on overall user fatigue.

  • Mid-grade Chain-saw
  • 3.3 Horse-power Total Power Output
  • Husqvarna Technology
    • Air Injection- Cleans Motor/ Filter
    • "LowVib" Body Design- Eliminates Vibrations
    • "Smart Start" Startup System
    • Magnesium Material Crankcase
    • Heated Handles (Interior Heater Coil)
  • Side Mounted Chain Tensioner
  • "Ergonomic" Rear Handle
  • Three Piece Crankshaft
  • "Eco Pump" Automatic Lubrication System
  • "LowVib" Vibration Elimination Body Design
  • Engine
    • Cylinder Displacement: 51.7cc
    • Power Output: 3.3 HP
    • Idling Speed: 2700 RPM
    • Maximum Power Speed: 9000 RPM
    • Cylinder Bore: 0 Inch
    • Cylinder Stroke: 0 Inch
    • Ignition System: SEM AM50
    • Fuel Tank Volume: 1.06 US Pint
    • Oil Tank Volume: 0.59 US Pint
    • Oil Pump Type: Adjustable Flow
    • Oil Pump Capacity: 5-12mil/min
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