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The Husqvarna 235 e-series is a mid-range chainsaw similar to the Husqvarna 235.

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starts on the second or third pull every time

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will start up even if it has old fuel that's been sitting inside for months

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maintenance is easy, process is fairly straightforward

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well designed to handle well, good balance

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built to reduce vibration, easy handling through rough materials

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laminated instruction card ideal to attach to the handle for easy reference

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need to be very careful about following instructions or else it can be frustrating to try and start

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need to make sure you remove extra chain oil from the saw after every use so that it doesn't keep lubricating while in storage - avoids an oily mess

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occasional problems with the chain brake, can lock up unexpectedly

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The Husqvarna 235 e-series is a mid-range chainsaw similar to the Husqvarna 235. The 235 e-series sports a few significant improvements over the standard 235, namely a Smart Start system, tool-less chain tensioning and a more ergonomic overall design for added comfort. Otherwise, the two chainsaws sport the same basic features, including an air injection system and an X-Torq engine design.

The 235 e-series' Smart Start system simply makes engine starting quicker and easier, minimizing the amount of false starts. Its tool-less chain tensioning system allows the 235 e-series' bar and chain to be tensioned and assembled more quickly and without the aid of tools. Additionally, the 235 e-series' X-Torq engine design reduces fuel-consumption and fuel emissions, making it very environmentally friendly and reducing fuel costs.


  • Power output: 1.8 hp
  • Cylinder displacement: 34.4 cc
  • Max speed: 9000 rpm
  • X-Torq engine system for reduced emissions
  • Air injection cleaning system lengthens engine life
  • LowVib design reduces vibration
  • Smart Start system
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
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