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The ICE 345C is a portable electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company.

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color screen helps notice weaker signals, can see the bait clearly

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doesn't need to be run at full power to get a good picture

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good detail on the screen of the underwater terrain

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300 watt power penetrates deep and gets good resolution

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overall easy to use, everything is simple and obvious

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can do a split screen to see different frequency ranges at once, just in case

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screen is only 340x240 resolution, seems a little low considering the size of the unit

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The ICE 345C is a portable electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company. Optimized for ice fishing applications, this model features a 3.5-inch color LCD screen that displays incoming sonar data in a number of ways to aid in the location of aquatic lifeforms and other structures. DualBeam Plus radius enhancement technology helps to boost signal range to over 500 feet, with SwitchFire color-coding technology providing the ability to sort incoming data based on lure and bait type. "Target Line" and "Dynamic Zoom" modes help users to keep track of their line after dropping it, zooming to specified areas that are based on relative depth and proximity. Instant image updating helps to minimize latency in pursuit situations, providing real-time results with TrueArch data processing for maximum image quality. Split-screen zooming provides users with the opportunity to focus on two separate areas simultaneously for increased success. The unit itself can be mounted directly onto a flat ice surface via the included quick-disconnect mount, and also features a backlight for nighttime operation. In addition, a soft-sided carrying case is included with the 345C for safe portability and protection. 

  • Lightweight, portable design
  • 3.5-inch, 256-color TFT LCD display
  • Sonar Echo enhancement
  • DualBeam plus coverage booster
  • Split-screen zooming
  • SwitchFire color-coding technology
  • Selective fish identification
  • TrueArch data processing technology
  • Includes soft carrying case
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