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The 596c is a mid-range electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company.

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easy to store locations for good spots

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colorful display is easy to read

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easy to use, everything is just obvious and simple

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can handle a few splashes and rain without a problem

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small enough that it can fit in anywhere, won't block much

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GPS function can help with general navigation around the lake

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not made anymore so support is declining over time

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The 596c is a mid-range electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company. Implementing advanced sonar imaging technology, this model provides users with structural information on a given body of water to increase accuracy and efficiency while fishing. DualBeam Plus technology boosts coverage radius from 20 feet to 60 feet, with multiple view types available that include separate, side-by-side and consolidated layouts for the most accurate information. With the help of the SwitchFire function, users can color-code incoming structural data based on their lure and bait types, with TVG (Time Variable Gain) technology available to minimize irrelevant data. The unit is attached to watercraft via a quick-disconnect tilt/swivel mounting system, but is also compatible with many in-dash fixtures for long-term integration. A backlight is included for nighttime applications alongside an optional speed analyzer, with a toggling temperature reader also available to better understand given surroundings. One-year manufacturer warranty included. 

  • 5-inch, 256-color TFT LCD display
  • Advanced sonar imaging technology
  • DualBeam Plus coverage booster
  • SwitchFire color-coding technology
  • Quick-disconnect tilt/swivel mounting system
  • Selective fish identification
  • Split-screen zooming
  • TrueArch data processing technology
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