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The 1198c SI Combo is a high-end electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company.

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easy to use, controls are well laid out

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covers a wide area at once

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color-coded display helps determine the best kind of bait for the fish in the area

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measurements is very accurate and reliable

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sonar results are high-resolution and show a lot of detail

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maps are detailed and easy to read

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features take some time to learn

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The 1198c SI Combo is a high-end electronic fishfinder from the Humminbird company. This model features a variety of approximation technologies that include Sign and Down Imaging, Switchfire, DualBeam Plus and more. Sign Imaging uses sonar technology to to map and mark possible structure points, capable of measuring a 480-foot radius from the left and right. Down Imaging works in a similar way, using 2D Sonar to capture the area directly beneath the device. SureFire provides users with color-coded results based on their bait types, while DualBeam Plus employs an additional search beam to maximize area coverage. With the addition of GPS connectivity, users can also access six complete map packages for various locations throughout the U.S, pre-loaded with information on water level depth and offset positions. After fishing, social and system networking is available through the InterLink internet connectivity service.

  • 10.4-inch widescreen TFT display
  • GPS Chartplotting with integrated ContourXD maps
  • Side Imaging sonar technology
  • DualBeam Plus coverage technology
  • Optional ethernet connection
  • Optional WeatherSense and satellite weather services
  • Optional CannonLink and Interlink services 
  • Includes cover and mounting kit
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Mitch Newton
12/19/2011 12:33

Presently using Lowrance LCX. Thinking of upgrading. I really like the feature that allows overlaying engine data on my left margin ....... PSI, Engine temp, etc. Does Humminbird have that feature?

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