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Lauched in mid September 2008, the HTC Touch Diamond is a touchscreen phone that runs Window Mobile 6.1.

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Opera-mini browser rivals mobile safari

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Slick touch screen interface

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Auto-senses rotation to switch from portrait to landscape modes

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Excellent camera

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Opera Mobile browser rivals mobile Safari.

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Battery life depends on usage of phone

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wifi b/g

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hardware buttons are also capacitive sensitive.

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bluetooth 2.0 + edr

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Runs Windows Mobile which can be quite slow/bloated

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Non-Expandable memory - Limited to 4GB internal memory

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Gets hot under regular use

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Very poor battery life

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Supplied with user manual on CD Rom.

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TouchFlo not implemented for all functions, switching between TouchFlo and Windows cripples user experience.

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Wholly unnecessary propriety mini-USB port on bottom of phone. (Like mini-USB but with Beveled edge)

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Lauched in mid September 2008, the HTC Touch Diamond is a touchscreen phone that runs Window Mobile 6.1, and is the first phone from HTC to include their new TouchFLO 3D interface. Boasting a 2.8 inch 680x480 VGA screen, the physical dimentions of the phone (102 x 51 x 11.5 mm) reveal that it is the thinnest device released by HTC to date. It includes a 3.2 MP camera, 4G internal storage, 256 MB flash memory, and 192MB RAM, as well as integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, and HSDPA support. The upgraded TouchFlo 3D interface is animated to give easy access to contacts, messages, etc. It lets you zoom in and out of web pages and auto rotation from portrait to landscape modes - much like Apple's iPhone.

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11/29/2008 04:28

Perhaps T-Mobile should stop using such awkward frequencies for their 3G service. Phones that are capable of the band are few and far between.

11/26/2008 06:17

I was going to buy the unlocked 3g USA version of this phone, but then I found out that it won't work with my t-mobile service (the 3g). I think it will work with EDGE but with a phone like that, with the price that you have to pay, I want and expect 3g. I am just glad that I only bought a cell phone case and nothing else before I realized this.

This really wish this phone will come to t-mobile because it is excellent. I tried it out at a sprint store and everything works great with the TouchFLO 3d, and the compact QWERTY is much easier to use than the full and is way more accurate than the regular phone dial way of typing since the T9 only has to guess from 2 letters instead of 3.

11/23/2008 03:14

The port on the bottom of the HTC Touch Diamond and nearly all HTC devices is called an EMU connection. EMU stands for ENHANCED MINI USB.
Basically, this port is a combination of a Mini USB B 5pin connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
While this is technically proprietary, ANY AND ALL usb mini b 5pin connectors will work and be able to charge and transfer data to the device.
IF you want to use the extra features that EMU can offer you need an emu connection which are widely available.  This is the best kind of proprietary connection in my mind, allowing the use of standard cables for its basic and necessary functions, but advanced functions through a proprietary connection
Certain people seem to have difficulty understanding this.

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