The HP 48gII is a mid-cost graphing calculator.

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The HP 48gII is a mid-cost graphing calculator. This calculator allows you to customize your input by choosing either algebraic, textbook, or RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) modes. The 48gII has a library with more than 180 scientific and engineering units and constants. The memory of this calculator is 128KB, and 80.7KB is available to the user. The Computer Algebra System (CAS) allows you to perform calculus and arithmetic functions easily, by offering multi-faceted symbolic and numeric solving (there are also built-in applications for tougher equations). The 48gII is designed with compatibility in mind: there is a PC connectivity kit included, as well as a USB cable. You can view 3D graphs with this calculator, as well as perform 2D/3D plotting. This calculator has many of the same specs as the closely related 50g calculator, but without the 2MB ROM memory, 512KB RAM memory (the 48gII's RAM is only 128KB) 75MHz ARM9 processor (the 48gII's ARM9 is only 48MHz), 9 line display (the 48gII's is only 7 lines), and SD card slot. The HP 48gII comes with a one year warranty.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Input customization (algebraic, textbook, RPN modes)
  • Library w/ over 180 scientific/engineering units and constants
  • Application creation
  • 128KB memory RAM (80.7KB available to user)
  • Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  • 3D graphing functions
  • 2D/3D plotting, graphics, algebra, quadratic and polynomial features
  • PC connectivity kit
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • 48Mhz ARM9 processor
  • 7 line, 33 character display
  • Over 2300 functions
  • 3 AAA batteries
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