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The HP 10BII is a financial calulator built by HP with a lot of power behind it.

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functions are well organized, easy to access once you get used to them

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battery lasts a long time before needing replacement

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excellent build quality, doesn't flex or creak and buttons feel solid

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adequate capabilities for most financial applications

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display is clear and well defined, can still read it in lower light

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darker keys and slightly curved design are nice to look at

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need to study the manual to figure out how to use it, takes some work to get used to it

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The HP 10BII is a financial calulator built by HP with a lot of power behind it. This particular model has over 100 built-in functions for business, mathematics, finance, and statistics. It can perform algebraic data entry and has 15 memory storage registers. The over 100 time saving functions are easily accessible, and will work to maximize your efficiency at work and for school. With these time saving business functions you can calculate loan payments, interest rates, cash flow anaylsis, and so on. It also features an adjustable display contrast so it is ideal for use either indoors or outdoors.

  • financial calculator
  • LCD display
  • over 100 built in functions
  • algebraic data entry
  • 15 memory storage registers
  • 12 character display
  • adjustable display contrast
  • 2 shift functions
  • powers off after 10 minutes of idling.
  • soft edged keys with generous keyspacing
  • requires batteries
  • permitted for use on college board tests
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