The M4345 is a high-end multifunction laser printer from HP, the base model in their Laser Jet M4345 series.

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The M4345 is a high-end multifunction laser printer from HP, the base model in their Laser Jet M4345 series. HP emphasizes the speed of this printer, which can print and copy at speeds of up to forty-five pages a minute. The first page of your project is printed off within ten seconds. The M4345 can even handle complex text/image documents quickly, with its 480 MHZ MIPS processor with 256 MB of memory (expandable to 512 MB). The 256 MB of storage allows you to save copies of documents you know you will be printing off again. With a 600 sheet capacity (expandable to 1100 w/ the addition of 500-sheet paper tray, which is standard on the high-end M4345x), you will not have to be reloading paper all the time. The 50-page automatic feeder allows you to scan and copy unattended. HP promotes the M4345 to be the best networking printer in its class. To that end, this printer's network interface is accessible to anyone with a network-connected computer and standard web browser, and the JetDirect Fast Ethernet embedded in the M4345 is IPV6-ready, meaning it can conform to current standards.

  • Print
  • Copy
  • Scan 
  • 480MHz MIPS processor
  • 256MB memory (expandable to 512MB)
  • 600 sheet capacity (add a 500-sheet tray to increase to capacity to 1100)
  • 50-sheet automatic document feeder
  • 6500 page toner cartridge
  • HP JetDirect Fast Ethernet
  • Power cord
  • Software/Documentation CD
  • Universal interface
  • IPV6-ready
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