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The HP Deskjet 5940 is the top of the line for the general-purpose 5000 HP series.

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Excellent overall print quality at the price point - text is bold with no line skipping or streaking issues amongst color content

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Printer is very quiet - users printing in a room with a TV/audio setup won't be bothered by the unit and may not hear it at all

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Unit is prone to paper jamming - roller components attract dust easily, and must be cleaned regularly to avoid this issue

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Printheads are seemingly prone to clogging - many users are forced to manually unblock the components, which may induce cartridge and overall unit damage

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Software driver installation is very time-consuming - most users should can expect a ~30-minute setup time

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Thin plastic components are prone to breakage - auto-detection cover is very easy to break off, forcing users to resort to makeshift (and potentially unsafe) solutions

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Replacement cartridges are very expensive - users should be willing to pay up to $80 for a suitable color replacement cartridge

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Print speeds are fairly slow - basic text-based pages may take up to one minute to print on average

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The HP Deskjet 5940 is the top of the line for the general-purpose 5000 HP series. It features a higher print speed and photo printing quality. It has the new HP Photoret III colour layering technology to ensure photos are printed at the highest quality and the ink backup printing completes a job even if one of the cartridges runs out of ink. This printer takes its place as a photo printer with the added PictBridge compatibility to connect directly to a digital camera and borderless pritning. With a 23 pages per minute print speed and 4800 optimized dpi this model finds itslef above the Deskjet 5440 and 5650. The HP DeskJet 5940 is for anyone looking to find professional quality printing at home combined with top of the line text printing for basic needs or 6-ink colour printing and wireless networking.

  • PictBridge Compatible
  • HP Photoret III Colour Layering Technology
  • Automatic two-sided printing accessory
  • Print speed and quality selection button
  • 4800-optimized dpi
  • 23 pages per minute
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