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One main feature is that it can print up to A1 size paper and can be fed by a manual roll.

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accepts a wide variety of paper sizes and some very thick media, including from the roll

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Even at its list price, it represents an excellent value

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prints large sketches and graphs very quickly

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ink can be bought separately from the actual print heads, saves some money

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runs quietly, even while printing large jobs

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Printer at normal mode prints a D sheet black and white drawing in a fast 90 seconds

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colors gamut is too narrow for professional photo prints

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cutter is prone to jamming on some heavier paper stock if the paper isn't properly supported as it comes out

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feeding sheets of paper in the back means standing behind the printer and holding the sheet manually

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 HP's DesignJet 111 is an entry-level poster printer intended for students or small businesses that print color posters or images frequently and require a home printer. One main feature is that it can print up to A1 size paper and can be fed by a manual roll. Its maximum resolution is 1200 x 600 dpi and it has a 16MHz processor, allowing for one-click printing of demanding or complex images. It prints in vibrant colors and handles details well. Other features include several ports, optional networking, and relatively compact size (only 3" wide).

  • Prints up to A1 size paper
  • Targets small business, student, and home color printing use
  • 1200 x 600 dpi resolution
  • Manual roll feed option
  • 3.3" wide compact size
  • 1 USB, 1 Parallel, 1 EIO port
  • Prints color and black/white
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 16 MHz processor
  • 64MB printer memory
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