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Produce lab-quality photos and easily print from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

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The Photosmart 7520 combines the functionality of a printer, a scanner, and a copier in a low-profile chassis finished in matte black that fits with HP's current design aesthetic. Its footprint -- 17.9 inches long by 17.7 inches tall and 7.7 inches wide -- does demand a large amount of desk space, but the tray that corrals outbound pages does fold back into the unit to save space during dormancy.
On the 7520, HP continues its trend of touch-compatible displays, with a 4.33-inch color screen positioned on the far left of the device. The color graphic display (CGD) takes on the familiar shape of the original iPhone with a rectangular screen fitted inside a rounded edge, with virtual buttons that illuminate to help with navigation and selection.
Though the sensitivity of the display is indeed a large improvement over some of HP's earlier touch-screen models, it's still prone to precision missteps when it comes to scrolling through the landscape menu pane. Unless you start a finger swipe on the outside of the display, the menu has a tendency to continue moving even after your finger lifts off the screen -- frustrating if you're trying to quickly parse through a lot of apps. The quirks of the display take time to get used to, but you'll have an easier time once you train your finger to unlearn the familiar iPhone gestures you might be used to.
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  • Individual inks - Save on printing costs with individual inks—replace only the cartridge that runs out
  • Easy wireless setup - Quick and easy wireless setup with Auto Wireless Connect
  • Easy USB printing - Quickly print from flash drives using the easy-access USB drive
  • Memory card slot - Print impressive photos without using a PC
  • Borderless printing - Print borderless photos and documents up to 8.5" x 11"
  • HP Printables - Get useful content—printed when you want it—from your web-connected HP printer. Coloring pages, recipes, puzzles, coupons, news and more are included with your printer
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the scanner sheet feed?

    The scanner can be fed individually sheet bt sheet on the flatbed glass or up to 30 pages at a time through the document feeder. The document feeder can also be set up to scan the front & back of each page.

  • How long does the ink last?

    Dependent on a wide variety if factors including print quality selection, paper type and the amount of color on the page. I think the HP uses a bit more ink than comparable Canon product in the same use scenarios.

  • Compatibility with macintosh OSX maverick?


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