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Considered a convertible laptop, not a true tablet due to it's passive screen, the tx1000 is a good package for the money.

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HP's new ultraportable, lightweight, and powerful Pavilion tx1000z Notebook PC features a high-definition, diagonal 12.1" BrightView touch-screen display that opens for standard use or conveniently twists for viewing files and movies in cramped spaces.

Considered a convertible laptop, not a true tablet due to it's passive screen, the tx1000 is a good package for the money. 

While there are two standard versions, or of course fully-customizable options directly from HP, it is recommended to go big or go home.  2gb of ram, 160gb or more hard disk, 1.8mhz or higher AMD et al is highly recommended. 

The laptop features a wide variety of cool features, including the fingerprint reader, dual microphone, 1.3mp web cam, two head phone jacks, remote control, quick play media buttons, and much more.  This was HP's first Vista based laptop, and Premium or higher is recommended. 

The Imprint finish case is elegant, however a little overly plastic and easily scratchable.  The screen is bright and clear, although highly reflective in day light.  The touch screen takes getting used to, but the built in stylus is easy to use and works pretty well after a little practice. 

The touch pad is neat, although also takes a little getting used to.  The Altec Lansing speakers are fantastic for their size, good clear mid's and high's and very loud sound for a laptop.  The DVD is fast and features HP's LightScribe for additional value.

Pro's: Great all-in-one package.  A whole lot of computer for a very reasonable price.  Customizable options directly from HP.  While not a true tablet, it does offer a usable and unique twist touch screen.  Great overall package, performance and toys.

Con's: The AMD chipset get's VERY hot, espescially when plugged in...which is a lot due to the short battery life (yes, even with the 6 cell, it will only last you around 2.5 hours MAX).  The case is a little too plasticy at times, and scratches way too easily.  HP isn't known for it's amazing customer service.  It is a bit big and heavy for a 12", although still a decent size and not too heavy at 4+ pounds (depending on the battery)

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