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The HP ProBook 4425s is the AMD based alternative to the Intel based 4420s.

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light enough to carry around without much trouble

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sleek looking design, nice angles and an impressive fiinish

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can upgrade the RAM pretty easily, don't need to be a technical genius

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sound though the speakers is above average, reasonably loud and defined

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runs lots of browsers and applications at once without lagging

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very solidly built, nothing flexes or creaks, everything feels durable

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touchpad is overly sensitive, tends to move the mouse at the slightest brush by accident

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The HP ProBook 4425s is the AMD based alternative to the Intel based 4420s. Available with the full range of AMD mobile processors, the 4425s provides mobile professionals with flexibility in price and performance. The range of available options includes up to 8GB ram, 500GB hard drive, and various versions of Windows 7 to choose from. In addition to the standard Windows choices, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 is also available with a lower price tag than the Windows alternatives. The weight and dimensions remains identical between the 4425s and 4420s, though there are a couple of differences in components such as the use of ATI HD4250 integrated graphics instead of the Intel GMA and Broadcom wireless cards in the place of their Intel and Atheros counterparts. Whilst the ProBook 4425s might seem like a budget option for business users, it comes with the same software suite as the EliteBooks. It also comes with media controls and ArcSfot's Total Media Suite. The HP ProBook 4425s is aimed at business and consumers with it's attractive design and flexible configurations.

Features / Specifications
  • SUSE Linux, Windows 7 Professional / Home Premium / Basic / Starter / XP Pro
  • 14.0'' LED HD Anti-glare display
  • AMD Penom II, Turion II, Athlon II, V-Series Processor
  • Up to 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM
  • Up to 500GB Hard drive
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250 Integrated Graphics
  • 3x USB2.0, eSATA/USB combo, VAG out, HDMI out, Express Card 34, Media Card Reader
  • 2 Mega Pixel Web Cam
  • Full-sized spill-resistant keyboard with drain
  • Multitouch touchpad (gestures support)
  • Broadcom 802.11 b/g/n wireless card, Gigabit ethernet card, Bluetooth
  • 6 / 9 Cell battery option
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