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The HP Pavillion dv2 Series is an entertainment laptop from HP's 2009 lineup.

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high end model includes dedicated graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 3410 with 256MB of dedicated VRAM)

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HDMI output

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1280 x 800px resolution on a 12.1" monitor

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can playback 720p high definition and output full 1080p (high end model only)

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LED backlit

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optional external optical drive

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lighter than the majority of full sized notebooks (3.8 pounds)

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gets extremely hot

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poor performance compared to similarly priced devices

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the weight and cost of a low end notebook

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glossy finish

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no internal optical drive

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not competitive with netbooks, ultraportables or mainstream 13.3" notebooks

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single core 1.6GHz Neo MV-40 processor

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the dv2750 has a built in Nvidia card that ruins the display when the laptop gets hot

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The HP Pavillion dv2 Series is an entertainment laptop from HP's 2009 lineup.  The laptop features a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo processor and can be customized to include up to 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM and an up to 500GB hard drive.  It is designed ultra-thin and lightweight at less than 1" thick and only 3.8 lbs and has a 12.1" LED BrightView WXGA display and a nearly full-sized keyboard.  The dv2 Series is loaded with entertainment features including a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 graphics card, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 5:1 memory card reader, and an HDMI port for connection to an HDTV.  The laptop is Energy Star qualified and is available in an Expresso or Moonlight finish.  It is expected to be released in April 2009.

  • 12.1" LED BrightView WXGA display
  • 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor
  • Up to 4GB RAM DDR2 SDRAM, 533MHz
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 dedicated graphics card
  • Up to 500GB HDD
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • External LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW
  • 802.11b/g WLAN
  • Optional Gobi WWAN module
  • HDMI port
  • 5:1 memory card reader
  • Windows Vista Basic or Home Premium Included
  • Less than 1" thick
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Nearly full-sized keyboard
  • Available in Expresso or Moonlight finish
  • 1 year limited warranty
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04/02/2009 02:47

Ya, I agree that this offering by HP is a bit of a Frankenstein middle-of-the-road approach. But I feel it's also the beginning of the true convergence in the laptop world.

12" is about the smallest you can get while still providing a full laptop experience from a usability/keyboard perspective. And 12" is also extremely portable, vastly more-so than the 15" behemoths, and only slightly less portable than the smaller 10" netbooks. The problem with this particular machine is the underpowered CPU which makes it poor from a gaming/performance standpoint.

I think the 12" category will be the one that wins it. They just need to be more powerful, cheaper, and thinner than this HP dv2.

2-pounds, low-wattage dual-core CPU capable of Half-Life 2 at 30FPS, 5 hours of battery life for around $500 is the perfect sweet spot for me.

For now, it's just not there yet.

04/01/2009 03:32

The DV2 presents an interesting option somewhere between netbook and full sized laptop. Not quite sure if it just suffers from an identity crisis or if it truly presents a viable middle ground people would actually want. A larger keyboard, higher resolution screen, and a dedicated graphics card for full 1080p playback and light gaming .... at the expense of a full $800 laptop price tag, weight and size (a hefty 3.8 pounds, ouch), poor battery life (probably 3-4 hours at best?) and an under performing single core CPU.

I'll pass on this HP, to me the cons outweigh the pros, but I'm interested in what (if anything) will come of the Neo platform and other middle-of-the-road options from the likes of Nvidia,VIA and maybe Intel...

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