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The HP Compaq Presario CQ50Z Series is a budget-minded 15.4" laptop series from HP.

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affordable price

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large comfortable keyboard

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bright, vibrant display

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cannot play back HD media (not even 720p) despite having Nvidia graphics

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power connector is on the side - puts stress on and breaks down the plug

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gets really hot

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heavy, large and unimpressive battery life - poor for mobile computing

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The HP Compaq Presario CQ50Z Series is a budget-minded 15.4" laptop series from HP.  The 15.4" screen is WXGA BrightView and supports high-definition playback.  Screen resolution is 1280x800 dpi.  An integrated webcam is an option for the display as well.  Two processor types are available, the AMD Sempron SI-40 running at 2 GHz, and the AMD Athlon X2 QL-60 dual-core set, which runs at 1.9 GHz per core.  Models of the CQ50Z come with either 1 or 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, and the laptop can support up to 3 GB.  The graphics card is an Nvidia 8200M G, a shared card that comes with an option for a 5-in-1 flash-memory card reader.  Available hard drives range from 120GB to 250GB.  The CQ50Z supports Wi-Fi connections, operating on the 802.11a/b/g/n standard.  The optical drive is a SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Dual-Layer support, and a Lightscribe option is also available.  A 6 cell LiOn battery is the single choice for portable power.  The CQ50Z is fairly light at 6.95 lbs.  The base unit has 3 USB ports, an S-Video connection, and a VGA output port.  The default operating system is Windows Vista Home Basic, and the option is available for Vista Home Premium as well.  60-day trials of Norton Internet Security and Microsoft Office are included also. 

  • Choice of single or dual AMD processor cores
  • 15.4" WXGA Brightview HD screen at 1280x800 dpi
  • Base of 1GB DDR2 RAM (Maximum of 3GB)
  • Nvidia 8200M G integrated graphics
  • Optional integrated webcam
  • Optional 5-in-1 Memory Card Reader
  • Base 120 GB 5400RPM SATA HD
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Lightscribe option
  • Integrated Altec Lansing speakers
  • 6-cell LiOn battery
  • Connectivity:  3 USB 2.0, S-Video, RJ-11, LAN, VGA
  • OS:  Windows Vista Home, Basic or Premium
  • Warranty:  One Year Hardware, parts and labour
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