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The HP Omni 200 Quad Series is an all-in-one PC designed for fast performance.

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A variety of configurations are available, suits budget and performance users alike

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Excellent performance / price, quad core processors, large display, and spacious storage at a very affordable price

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Doesn't improve upon previous model other than performance, does not address known issues, such as the display

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HP consumer computer customer support can be a hit and miss with off shore call centers

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Below average display quality, with poor viewing angles and colours, bad for a media computer

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Lacks some premium features, such as removable media drive, but this is what keeps the price down

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Lacks touchscreen that one would have came to expect from an HP all in one

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Subpar built-in speaker quality, users are better off picking up some budget computer speakers

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The HP Omni 200 Quad Series is an all-in-one PC designed for fast performance. This is similar to the HP Omni 200t Series and HP Omni 200xt Series, but uses a faster quad-core processor and DDR3 memory rated at higher speeds. Available CPUs for this system include the Intel Core i5-760 and i7-880, and either 4 Gigabytes or 8 Gigabytes of RAM are used with a default clock speed of 1333MHz. Other features are the same as found on the other systems, including a 21.5 inch widescreen display in 1080p resolution and integrated premium stereo speakers. Internet connections are achieved through a standard Wi-Fi connection, and a built-in webcam and mic enable live streaming through online chat programs.

  • Piano-black and chrome finish
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Intel Core i5-760 or i7-880 quad-core processor
  • 4GB or 8GB DDR3-1333MHz SODIMM [2 DIMMs]
  • 21.5 in widescreen, 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • Non-glare display, LED backlighting, tilt, and swivel
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi
  • Integrated 6-in-1 digital media card reader
  • Built-in webcam and mic
  • Integrated premium stereo speakers
  • Optional Blu-ray drive
  • ENERGY STAR qualified, EPEAT Silver registered
  • 2 year limited warranty
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