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The HP Pavilion p6710t Series builds from the p6700z Series by incorporating a few select upgraded components.

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Comes included with a keyboard and a mouse, allowing it to be used almost immediately out of the box.

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Basic chassis design is attractive and functional.

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Very fairly priced for the available configuration options.

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Plenty of hard drive size options allow users to choose just how much storage they want up to 1TB.

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Options are geared toward basic home use with a multimedia focus - great for HTPC/nettop use.

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Sliding door, rather than a swinging one, on the front panel conceals USB ports and the like.

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Processor options are fairly limited only to low-end Intel configurations.

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Very little room inside the chassis for expansion.

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Still not as cheap as building an equivalent PC yourself.

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The HP Pavilion p6710t Series builds from the p6700z Series by incorporating a few select upgraded components. In particular, it pushes forward from AMD processors to faster Celeron and Pentium Dual Core processors for faster processing times, which in turn helps workers work more efficiently and effectively. It also offers a larger and faster hard drive, which too helps users work more productively by promoting faster boot ups. Everything else remains the same, including fast DDR3 memory for improved multi tasking capabilities, integrated networking for staying connecting, and an included keyboard and mouse. Like its predecessor, the p6710 desktops also include graphical and audio components for users seeking to listen to music or play older games. There is the option of adding along a more upgraded graphics chip, in case one wants to access more modern titles like Crysis and World of Warcraft.

  • Windows 7
  • Intel Celeron (Entry-Level)
  • Intel Pentium Dual Core (Max)
  • 2/3/4GB DDR3
  • 320/500/750/1TBGB SATA
  • Integrated Intel Graphics
  • Optional AMD Radeon Card (Max)
  • DVD Integrated
  • Blu-ray Optional
  • Standard Ethernet
  • Optional Wireless
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • Integrated Audio
  • Optional Sound Blaster
  • Multi Card Reader
  • Keyboard/Mouse
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