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Core to the HP HPE-500z Series desktops are their CPU and memory.

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computer starts up in less than a minute every time

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can play many modern games on high and ultra settings

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HD video can play full-screen without any lag or screen tearing, sharply rendered

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can run multiple complex programs simultaneously and suffer no noticeable lag

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multi-threaded applications run extremely fast

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500w power supply limits the number of video cards that can be used later

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heat accumulates in the case, and the fan gets pretty loud

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The HP Pavilion Elite HPE-500z Series includes desktops geared for users looking to watch high definition videos, listen to quality music, and play vivid HD games. In particular, it comes with an entry-level AMD Radeon graphics chip, but it supports an optional midgrade Nvidia GeForce module that’ll allow users to watch Blu-ray films without experiencing blurs and, more importantly, access the latest video games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Crysis. Core to the HP HPE-500z Series desktops are their CPU and memory. In particular, they support four and six-core processors for sleek and undisturbed data processing, and they support 64-bit DDR3 system memory for ultra fast data transfer rates. What separates these desktops from competitors, however, is its support for optional components like a tuner for watching TV, a Blu-ray drive for watching films, and included software so users can make their own videos and then edit them.

  • Windows 7
  • AMD Athlon Quad Core (Minimum)
  • AMD Phenom Six-Core (Maximum)
  • 4/8/10/12GB DDR3
  • 1/1.5/2TB SATA (5400, 7200rpm)
  • AMD Radeon 512MB (DVI, HDMI) (Minimum)
  • Nvidia GeForce 1.5GB (DVI, HDMI, VGA) (Maximum)
  • DVD Integrated
  • Blu-ray Optional
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional Wireless
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • Integrated Audio
  • Optional Sound Blaster
  • Multi Card Reader
  • Keyboard/Mouse
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