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The Blackbird features sleek styling both in the exterior and exterior.

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Attractive Looking Aluminum Chassis and Pedestal

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Low-maintenance cooling setup pre-installed

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Excellent choice of standard high-performance components

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Dual NVIDIA 8000 graphic cards

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Easy-to-access, upgrade, and work on

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Fully customizable and upgradeable

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Powerful performer

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Can be shipped with over-clocked CPU

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Very Expensive for a loaded system (over $7,000)

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The HP Blackbird 002 is HP's first gaming PC with Voodoo DNA; its design has been influenced by HP's September 2006 acquisition the Canadian gaming computer manufacturer VoodooPC. It features top-of-the-line components like Dual NVIDIA 8800 SLI enabled graphics cards and powerful CPU choices like the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850. The Blackbird features sleek styling both in the exterior and exterior.

When configuring your system HP lets the buyer choose between Intel or AMD processors, and between ATi or NVIDIA Video cards. Also, you have the option of having your CPU factory overclocked to over 20% of their rated clock speeds. The HP Blackbird features easy-to-access components with the design of its chassis. It has a factory-sealed, liquid cooling system that HP promises to be maintenance free.


  • All aluminum case
  • Factory-sealed, maintenance-free, liquid Cooling system featuring roof-mounted radiator and twin output fans
  • CPU, GPUs, and power supply are each isolated in their own thermal chambers
  • Hidden card reader and ports on top
  • Aluminum 'foot' that case stands on
  • Easy Access Side panel
  • Voodoo style wiring
  • 1.1 kW power supply

The HP Blackbird with all of its customization options is priced between $2,500 and $7,100 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The HP Blackbird 002 gaming rig competes with Dell's XPS and Alienware offerings.

Post Review
02/26/2008 02:56

I own a Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition, and I must say it is very slick. I didn't have to pay for mine though. Mediawiki and Federated Media gave away three of them for submitting a piece to their contest site.


12/29/2007 08:53

Vinay must be an idiot because unlike the 360 this computer wont fuck over and give you the RROD.. try playing halo 3 with that

09/29/2007 11:37

Anyone who has one of these Blackbirds must not be using it at the moment, cause they would also have an xbox 360 and be busy playing Halo 3.

09/27/2007 03:33

awesome - I wouldn't say no to one of these. Not quite as fun as building your own though.

As my dad would say: "Its for people with more money then brains" - not too hard to get something with all the performance without being so incredibly expensive.

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