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It is designed to operate without the need of a dedicated USB dongle, instead using your computer's Wi-Fi.

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Customizable shortcut buttons can be quite useful, most mice do not have these

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Ergonomic design helps reduce finger fatigue, especially for those who experience pain after long periods of use

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After initial setup, connectivity tends to be strong and responsive via WiFi

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Wi-Fi enabled / Long battery life

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Ideal for computers without Bluetooth, WiFi eliminates need to use USB port

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Wi-Fi connection is more difficult to setup than similar Bluetooth mice

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Large physical size and tall, may be uncomfortable for some users especially with small hands

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Membrane button that replaces scroll wheel is highly sensitive and requires very specific amount of pressure to work properly

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The HP WiFi Touch Mouse X7000 is designed to operate without the need of a dedicated USB dongle, instead using your computer's Wi-Fi. The sleek black finish and elegant contour makes it perfect for use with HP Envy notebooks, and it uses a capacitive touch strip style scrolling button instead of the standard scrolling wheel. It also sports a rubber side grip, laser sensor and five programmable buttons, with a dedicated sixth button for instantly accessing and uploading to Facebook. Sensitivity of the touch strip may be adjust as well. The X7000 is only compatible with PC computers running Windows 7, and it is only made for right handers, although it is made up for by its superior 9 month battery life and 30 foot operational range. Released in the fall of 2011, the X7000 comes with batteries and installation software on CD.

  • Just flick your finger for quick touch scrolling through the Web; adjust the touch-sensitive scrolling to the speed of your finger
  • Skip the wires and receivers, plus free up your USB port, with the revolutionary Wi-Fi
  • Mouse comfortably all day with the sleek, supportive feel and rubber side grip
  • Jump on Facebook in one click via dedicated button
  • Create time-saving shortcuts with the 6-button design
  • Use on almost any surface
  • Go for twice as long as comparable Bluetooth models with the 9-month battery life
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