It’s fast-paced frenzy and multi-track madness like you’ve never seen before.

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It’s fast-paced frenzy and multi-track madness like you’ve never seen before. This exciting Hot Wheels set triples the action with three tracks that loop (one even twists.) and merge into one ultra-daring crash zone. The set provides endless racing and stunting play, plus an opportunity to digitally bring the track to life. The set includes one die-cast vehicle, but boys can launch additional vehicles (sold separately) for more and more mayhem. Use the dual motorized boosters to keep racing through the three loops, which vary in height and shape — and are built for speed and gravity-defying moves. The excitement builds to a frenzy as vehicles whip around the course. Which car will make it through? Which will smash in crushing defeat?

Two different levers let kids control the risk and nonstop action. Hit the red diverter to send your vehicle speeding on a definite collision course — for high-octane crashing chaos. Or give your vehicle a chance by blasting through the blue course with turns and trapdoors. Cars will race back around to start the stunting thrills all over again. The set comes with an attachable iPad stand and new glyph technology, which lets boys use their iPad (not included) to race through five virtual worlds — Team Hot Wheels, Shark Park, Farm, Dinosaur, and Robot Battle. Just download the free Hot Wheels Powerport app and attach your iPad to the set. The app interacts with the track to make both worlds collide in vivid virtual reality. Kids can even record and play back video of their car in action.

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  • Three tracks that create loops of varying heights and merge into one ultimate crash zone
  • Tracks are built for speed and gravity-defying stunts
  • Two motorized boosters keep the action on track
  • Kids control the stunting, smashing action with two diverters
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What's Included

  • 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car
  •  iPad stand
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Care and Cleaning

Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cars needed?

    Yes, it only comes with one. We found that our local Target has Hot Wheels that specifically say for "track" or down thing to that effect. The heavier the car the better!

  • Age?

    I purchased for my 4 year old who loves it. I'd say 4 plus.

  • Does this work with an iPad mini?

    The mount for it is for a regular size iPad... however I'm sure it would still work. My question is... why would you? I didn't even attach the mount to ours, I actually threw it away! My kids get enough screen time and installing it on basic interactive toys is a waste! My 3yo and 7yo boys love playing with it... the simplest way!

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