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The Horizon EX-68 model is a mid-grade elliptical machine designed with user comfort and convenience features.

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easy to set up, doesn't take a lot of technical ability

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moving it around the room is pretty easy, has a nice balance

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reasonably quiet during normal operation

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console is clear, intuitive, easy to work with

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instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow

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takes at least an hour to finish setting it up

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electronics in the console aren't very durable, can start to fail after a year or two

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not durable enough for competitive athletes, will start to need maintenance after a few months

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The Horizon EX-68 model is a mid-grade elliptical machine designed with user comfort and convenience features. The EX-68 model includes the same visual style and basic features as previous EX series models with some improved overall specs. Before continuing however it should be noted that this particular model was recalled in January, 2010 (see excerpt below). The EX-68 model includes a front mounted 17.6 pound flywheel (compared to 14 pounds in previous models) combined with a magnetic brake system that also provides 20 resistance settings for varying work-out difficulties.

The Horizon EX-68 model elliptical includes 11 electronic program settings with full user customization, metal heart rate sensor grips, rear device access for easier mounting, and an LCD display with orange text and basic diagram visualizations to help identify important exercise information.

The Horizon EX-68 model elliptical is outfitted with specific Horizon features, which Horizon claims are exclusive to their brand. However one may see upon further observation these features are merely basic, and could very well be found in other brands and models. These extra device features include "ZeroGap" narrow pedal placement, "Idealfit" handlebar spacing with different handlebars for different size users, STRAIGHTup body posture adjustments to keep the users body and posture straight, and a "Smoothpulley" drive pulley system designed to provide smooth and fluid exercise movements. Once again, these mentioned features can be expected in other brands; Horizon has simply given them specific names.

The Horizon EX-68 Elliptical machine includes several different warranties which are connected to specific parts on the device; the warranties are as follows, an individual lifetime warranty is included for the frame and brake system, and an additional 1 year warranty is included for parts and labor. All warranties are active and provided via the manufacturer Horizon.

In January, 2010 the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission officially recalled several Horizon Elliptical machines; the foot pedal on said machines apparently becomes disconnected or unfastened during extensive use creating a serious hazard. The recall was voluntary meaning that users are not required to send the device back however recalled products may not be sold as it is illegal to do so. The device models affected by the recall are as follows: EX-58, EX-68, EX-78, GS1050E, CE5.1 and LIVESTRONG branded models LS7.9E, LS9.9E and LS12.9E.

  • Mid-grade Elliptical Machine
  • Walking Trainer- Walk/Run Exercise
  • 17.6 Pound Flywheel
  • Exercise Features
    • 20 Different Electronic Resistance Levels
    • 11 Varying Workout Programs with Full User Customization
  • Equipment Features
    • Contact Heart Rate Monitor
    • LCD Screen Display;  Orange LED with Simple Text/ Diagrams
    • "ZeroGap" Narrow Foot Spacing
    • Pivoting Foot Plate for Comfort
    • Magnetic Brake Resistance
    • Rear Device Access
    • "IdealFit" Varying Handlebar Spacing
    • "SmoothPulley" Pulley Drive System
    • "STRAIGHTup" Body Posture Adjustments
  • Convenience Features
    • "Sonic Surround" Integrated Speakers
    • Full MP3 Compatibility
    • "CoolFit" Fitness Fan
  • Flywheel
    • Resistance Range: 1-20 Electronic Settings
    • Flywheel: 17.6 Pounds
  • Frame
    • Stride Length: 20" FLATellipse horizontal foot path
  • Console
    • User Feedback
      • 2 Orange LED Screens
  • Program Modes: 11
    • Target Settings
      • Total Exercise Time
      • Distance Traveled
      • Calories Burned
    • Preset Workouts
      • Hills
      • Weight Loss
      • Reverse Train
      • Custom
      • 1-31 Day Goal Training
  • Heart Rate: Contact Grip (Metal Tabs)
  • User Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Dimensions
    • Assembled: 73"L x 22"W x 65"H
    • Boxed: 52"L x 30"W x 19"H
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