The Horizon AT1501 is a high-end elliptical machine that operates as an ascent trainer.

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The Horizon AT1501 is a high-end elliptical machine that operates as an ascent trainer; meaning the user exercises in a fashion very similar to ascending a hill or steep incline. The AT1501's most prominent feature is the integrated iPod dock and control panel which not only allows you to directly connect your iPod device and play it through the built-in speakers, but control it's playback as well through the Elliptical menu system. The AT501 Elliptical also includes an all steel frame complimented by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

The Horizon AT1501 Elliptical is powered by an 18 pound flywheel motor system that is coincidentally designed with 18 different resistance settings to increase or decrease exercise levels. A contact heart rate monitor is also integrated to allow users to monitor heart rate before, during, and after exercise on the displayed LCD monitor. The AT1501 Elliptical device includes a variable 18"-20" stride length which means it will obviously also require extra space for operation. Horizon claims the device includes narrow foot spacing which "mimics" normal posture; and a pivoting foot plate which "allows the users feet to move normally". The device is accessed through the rear, and has a total rated 300 pound weight capacity.

The Horizon AT1501 includes several different warranties which are connected to specific parts on the device; the warranties are as follows, individual lifetime warranties are included for the frame and flywheel, a 1 year warranty is included for the elevation motor and an additional 1 year warranty is included for parts and labor. All warranties are active and provided via the manufacturer Horizon.

  • High-end Elliptical Machine
  • Ascent Trainer- Incline/Elevation Exercise
  • 18 Pound Flywheel
  • 18 Different Resistance Levels
  • Contact Heart Rate Monitor
  • LCD Screen Display (Simple Text/ Diagrams)
  • 300 Pound User Capacity
  • Narrow Foot Spacing
  • Pivoting Foot Plate for Comfort
  • Rear Device Access
  • iPod Dock with Integrated Speakers
  • Integrated iPod Control Panel
  • Flywheel
    • Resistance Range: 1-18
    • Flywheel: 18 Pounds
  • Frame
    • Stride Length: 18-20"
  • Program Modes: 8
    • Manual
    • Boulder Run
    • Canyon Hill
    • Mountain Ascent
    • 30 Forward/Reverse
    • 45 Forward/Reverse
    • 30 Forward/ 60 Reverse
    • 60 Forward/ 30 Reverse
  • Entertainment
    • Speakers (In/Out Jacks)
    • iPod Docking Station
      • Dock
      • Headphone Jack
      • Track Volume
      • Pause Buttons
  • Heart Rate: Contact Grip (Metal Tabs)
  • Dimensions
    • Assembled: 71"L x 37"W x 55"H
    • Boxed: 46"L x 21.6"W x 42"H
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