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A chocolate bar sized travel router with 3 different router modes, like having a regular router with you minus the bulkiness.

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TripMate Nano is one chocolate bar sized travel router with 3 different router modes, it's like having a regular router with you minus the bulkiness. In a hotel, office, or business meeting, TripMate Nano is the missing bridge between network and your devices. It can be USB-powered to ensure convenient internet access anywhere. Also, TripMate Nano can create your own private, secure sharing network at home, office, party, beach and everywhere you go, sharing your favorite music / video/ photos from USB storage to your connections. 

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  • Endless media streaming: Seamlessly stream your videos, photos, and music to your connected TVs, media players, smartphones, tablets, TV sticks and other DLNA devices.
  • Travel router: Instantly convert a wired network to wireless with easy setup. Also can bridge an existing wireless network, create your own secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Free to space: Backup your photos and videos from your iPhone, Android phones, iPad or other mobile devices to attached USB flash drive, hard disk. Free up space on your phones.
  • Lightweight and small: Powered by USB for extreme portability, which is only weighted 1oz.
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Travel Router - Wireless Anywhere

Hotel - Never pay for multiple network connections, use TripMate to connect and share connections.
Home - When connected to a DSL or cable modem, it becomes a regular router.
Office - Stuck with a net cable? Turn it into useable Wi-Fi for your smartphone and tablets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work? Do I have to be in a wifi area or does it give off its own wifi signal?

    It creates it's own wireless network, but if you want to access anything outside of that network (like the Internet), it has to be connected to a different router that has Internet access, either with a LAN cable or wirelessly.

  • Can I use USB Hub to connected to 1tb hard drives together?

    It does not allow access to HD through a hub. But a USB hub can power this device.

  • Can the HooToobe used in a vehicle, and receive good transition?

    Yes it works great!

  • Why network speed decreases in bridge mode?

    This is because it uses the same radio/frequency (2.4GHz) to accept incoming and outgoing packets from clients as it does to forward those packets on to the next wifi router and accept replies. So effectively you get half the bandwidth, as each packet must go over the air twice - from the client to the tripmate, then from the tripmate to the wifi router. This should be the industry standard with almost all router with bridge mode. For those who constantly use media streaming or real-time network gaming, we instead recommend AP-Bridge mode to expand the wireless network with less impact to peak performance.

  • How to change the admin pw?(cannot change the username)

    1. connect your wireless device to the tripmate.
    2. login
    3. tap on User-> here you can change the pw

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What's Included

  • HooToo TripMate Nano (HT-TM02)
  • USB cable
  • User Manual
  • 1 year HooToo warranty
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