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The Honeywell 3-speed digital tower fan with ionizer exudes the feel of a spring breeze throughout your home.

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The Honeywell 3-speed digital tower fan with ionizer exudes the feel of a spring breeze throughout your home. The powerful, Turbo Wind generator blades move more air than typical blades. You can turn on the breeze mode to simulate a gentle outdoor wind, or set the fan to shut off on its own in 2-, 4-, or 8-hour intervals. Either way, you can control it from your favorite spot with the convenient remote control, which features three cooling speeds and infrared technology. The tilted head also allows for directional cooling, and the strong motor operates with a quiet performance. Best of all, this fan's ionizer and dust/pollen filter can provide relief from allergies.

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  • 3 speeds, timer function for 1-12 hour shut-off
  • Electronic LCD display, easy to use touch button controls
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Remote Control withbuilt-in flashlight, washable air filter
  • Oscillation for greater air distribution
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What's in the Box

  • Tower fan
  • Remote control with three cooling speeds
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this one have the temperature control (74 degrees) button?

    Yes. It has 6 buttons on the fan (1) power, fan speed (2) temperature and timer (3) breeze (4) up -- aim the fan up (5) down -- aim fan down (6) oscillator/ionizer -- degree you want the fan to rotate as it operates. When I pushed the temp/timer button it displayed current temp in house with timer 10 hours -- the next time I pushed it I got temp of 74 degrees but no time for timer. It kept alternating between 81 and 74 and the 10 hours was constant. It has a remote control with 5 buttons: oscillate/ionizer, up, down, breeze, power/fan speed. It does not have the temp/timer button. On the other side of the remote is a flashlight button and instructions for using the remote as a small flashlight. I hope this is helpful. I love my two fans -- have one across the room in a corner aimed at my NuStep Crosstrainer and the other is on a step stool next to my treadmill, aimed at my face while walking. I bought two, gave one away and then ordered another when I got my treadmill.

  • How do you clean this?

    The rear filter comes out easily and you can simply wash it or use the garden hose to rinse off. Behind the filter screen you must use a small vacuum to clean the dust from fan cylinders themselves. Not difficult and no replacement filter is necessary if cleaned regularly.

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