The sedan is the larger 4-door model of Honda's ultra-popular Civic line of cars.

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The sedan is the larger 4-door model of Honda's ultra-popular Civic line of cars. Internally, the sedan is no different than the coupe model, featuring the same engine and features, the difference is all on the outside, with more storage capacity for people in the back seat as well as a larger trunk. The 2007 model stays in the eighth generation of Civics which follows the bold and futuristic styling that has garnered mixed reactions.

On the interior the sedan has an unconventional split dashboard. The speed and distance meters lie inside the top dash which is viewable above the steering wheel. The tachometer (RPM gauge) sits by itself in the lower dash which is viewable through the outside of the steering wheel. The civic also includes a central dash system for the higher end models that is used for touchscreen navigational systems and other features.

Under the hood the coupe has a 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC engine, which provides competitive performance with 140HP at 6300RPM. For the 2007 year Honda has maintained the same level of performance as previous years while lowering emissions and reducing fuel consumption. The 2007 sedan is rated as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle, which means it emits less than 50% of the emissions than other comparable vehicles released in 2007.

The Civic sedan standard model comes in 3 different trims, DX, EX, and LX. There also exists the Civic Sedan Si which features an upgraded model and other improvements that are targeted towards the sporty market.

Common to all trims is the 5-speed manual or automatic continuously variable transmission, front and side airbags, daytime running lights, anti-lock braking with electronic braking distribution.

Difference in trims

DX ($15,010) - 15" wheels, no stereo system (160 watt stereo system is included in the DX for Canadians)

LX ($16,960) - wheels are enlarged to 16" full covered, 6 speaker 160 watt stereo system with MP3/WMA input and playback, security system with remote entry, passenger-side memory system.

EX ($18,710) - 16" allow wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, moon roof, second 12v outlet, 350 watt speaker system that is XM ready, and an exterior temperature indicator.



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