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Honda HS520AS Snowblower

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Electric start if needed. Plug it in and start it up, but the thing starts on the first crank. Very nice!

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4-cycle engine on a single-stage thrower is a rare treat. No mixing of gas and oil required

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Honda small engines are great quality

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Metal chute. Look at ANY of the single stage throwers around, most of them are plastic which can break when ice/chunks pass through

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Have used it for 10 years now; I change the oil every two years and add fuel stabilizer at the end of every winter. This year (2012) I had to replace a worn scraper. Starts on the first pull.

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From Manufacturer
  • Easy Starting, Honda 5HP OHC Premium Residential Engine
  • Meets All EPA and CARB Emission Standards
  • 120 Volt AC Electric Start with Recoil
  • Runs Over 1.6 Hours on One Tank of Fuel
  • Semi Self-Propelling
  • Operator-Friendly Controls with Large On/Off Switch
  • Large Fuel Tank Cap
  • Clears Up to 50 Tons/Hour
  • Throws Snow Up to 26 Feet
  • Easy-to-Use Chute Direction Control
  • Large 20" Wide Clearing Width, • Easy-Access Spark Plug and Fuel Drain
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Dan Mohnen
02/06/2011 02:38

This snow thrower had a little trouble because I let the fuel go bad no fuel stabilizer. Once I got it started, it ran rough. Then I put in fresh gas and it runs fine. It cleared the 20+ record snowfall I had in chicago this past winter with ease....

12/19/2008 11:19

I bought it new in 2004 and 5 yrs later it still starts up in one pull. No need to use the electric start. Plus I haven't even performed one service on it (not one oil change and I don't even put fuel stabilizer when I store it). I think I'll perform maintenace on it this year though :).

03/07/2008 09:16

Metal chute (not cheap plastic)
4-cycle (no messing with oil/gas mix)
strong snow-throwing ability (thank you 5 HP engine)

I love this machine, it's a real back-saver!

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