The Holmes Bathroom Heater Fan creates cozy, warm comfort while also helping curb heating costs.

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The Holmes Bathroom Heater Fan creates cozy, warm comfort while also helping curb heating costs. Add warmth in the bathroom without turning up the thermostat with this portable heater. Awake to an inviting bathroom environment by using the preheat timer to get the room warmed before use. Designed with ALCI plug for use in bathroom. With overheat and manual user reset safety features, you can confidently use your portable heater without worry.

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  • Easy to adjust digital controls will help maintain your desired comfort level
  • Use the timer to pre-heat the bathroom and keep it warm and cozy
  • Bathroom safe ALCI plug for worry free bathroom use; and wall mountable
  • Digital thermostat with a digital clock and timer
  • 2 heat settings, 1500 watt max output
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Surround Yourself in Comfort

The Holmes brand provides products to transform the home environment for enhancement and ultimate comfort in everyday living. Bringing elements of design, performance and value together in climate control and air quality products, families can depend on the Holmes brand to offer both style and functionality while effectively optimizing their home environment.

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Easy Operation

Easy Operation with LCD digital controls and programmable thermostat.

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Specifically Designed for Use in Bathrooms

This bathroom heater has a Bathroom-Safe ALCI Plug, Preheat Timer, Programmable Thermostat, plus a Digital Clock to keep you on time.

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No More Cold Bathroom Floors

Step into warm comfort with the pre-heat timer that lets you pre-warm your space before you enter. Note- Never use heater in bathtub or shower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the noise level?

    You can hear it but it is in no way too noisy. It does not interfere with talking on the phone or normal conversation.

  • Does this heater have a 2 or 3 pronged plug?

    2 prong with a safety breaker built into plug.

  • Does this heater really have 2 heat settings?

    I believe the two settings are "always on" and "timed temp on/off". I like the adjustable temp setting and timer control.

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