Teach yourself to fly in your own backyard with the 3-channel HobbyZone® Champ RTF.

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Teach yourself to fly RC airplanes in style with this exciting recreation of the beloved Aeronca tail wheel airplane. Its small size and lightweight, durable construction let you fly with confidence in spaces as small as your own backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control, you could be flying it like a pro in no time even if you’ve never flown an RC airplane before.

The HobbyZone® Champ trainer is also equipped with the advantage of the Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2® transmitter: the Champ radio system uses the same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that is trusted by experienced RC pilots all around the world. With DSM2 technology you will enjoy complete freedom from signal interference whenever you fly. And after you teach yourself to fly, you can use the Champ transmitter to fly some of the ParkZone® and Blade® ultra micro aircraft equipped with Bind-N-Fly® technology.

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  • Everything you need to Teach Yourself to Fly in one box- even the batteries
  • Completely assembled and flight-ready
  • 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM® technology
  • Scale wing rib detail and steerable tail wheel
  • 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery and DC Li-Po charger included
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this have a carrying box?

    The plane and transmitter come in a box with formed styrofoam, which nests everything well. My son keeps all of his planes in the original box for transportation, and it works well.

  • Does this plane come with a remote?

    Although it is a 3 channel plane as you say, it ships with a 4 channel remote. The remote controller is common across all of horizon hobby's various brands' low end RTF offerings - identical (under the stickers) to that for the mCX 4 channel helicopter for example.
    And that is why the "4" in the part number. The radio technology is 2.4 GHz spread spectrum. Unlike with cheapy toys that come in a few distinct "channels" this has many different sequence codes, which the transmitter and plane agree on when they link up before each flight. So you can have many of these at one field without mutual interference.

  • Does it take off on grass and is it one of those planes with landing gear that you have to throw to take off

    It doesn't take off on grass, but it will take off from a paved surface just fine. You can also hand launch it if you like.

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