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The Hitachi L42S504 is a 42" UltraVision LCD flat panel HDTV with full 1080p HD LCD technology.

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sound is good enough for most users, sound outputs available if personally desired

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large number of inputs, more than most will ever need

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motion is crisp and smooth, lines and details remain sharp with fast moving subjects

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remote control is well designed, easy to figure out and use daily

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picture is very bright, can compete with sunlit rooms

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remote isn't backlit, difficult to use in the dark

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colors are overly vibrant, need to be adjusted down for videophiles

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Bad Customer Service (~1 year and issue not solved), static noise, HDMI ports don't all work

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The Hitachi L42S504 is a 42" UltraVision LCD flat panel HDTV with full 1080p HD LCD technology, which works to create a full home theatre experience.

The L42S504 comes with UltraClear fast action, which delivers 120 frames per second, which is 5 times faster than ordinary movies. It comes with an intelligent light sensor technology, with automatically adjusts the picture when the room light lowers to save energy and reduce eye strain. This TV also comes with a fast response time, a game mode which optimizes the picture for a great game playing speed and a clear picture.

  • 42" LCD flat panel HDTV
  • full 1080p
  • 7 HD inputs
  • UltraClear fast action
  • intelligent light sensor technology
  • fast response time
  • CONEQ 3D sound technology
  • smooth movie motion
  • custom picture memories
  • pre programmed remote
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01/08/2011 10:22

Great picture! Easy menu system. Remote is well thought out. Sound is also very impresive. Great Darks and bright whites. Very well designed tv.

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