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The HIS HD 5450 Silence H545H1GDL is a graphics card designed for lower end PC's.

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Excellent option for users hoping to run up to 3 monitors simultaneously - VGA/DVI/DisplayPort capabilities are very uncommon at this price point

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Enables full 1080p HD playback amongst devices connected to the user's PC - Blu-Ray/HD DVDs, HD video files and HD games are all natively supported

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DirectX 11 support is ideal for PC gamers - enables top-quality graphics rendering in conjunction with fast processing speeds and low energy consumption

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Significantly improves picture quality amongst HTPCs - many users report drastic positive differences, especially within the Windows 7 OS

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Lack of moving parts is very appealing to many users - minimizes likelihood of operational noise from fans, etc.

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Some users report strange operational noises upon installation - not likely to affect functionality, but may cause considerable annoyance

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Some users report receiving the unit without all included accessories - card is potentially useless without support bracket, and may be difficult to obtain separately if not initially included

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The HIS HD 5450 Silence H545H1GDL is a graphics card designed for lower end PC's. This video card's cooling solution does not incorporate a fan, but rather a passive cooling unit designed for the gamer who desires a silent system. Other technologies include ATI Eyefinity, which allows the user to connect three displays at once. Also, the video card will not stress the system as its low power output consumes less than 20 watts. The HIS Radeon is fully compatible with Windows 7 and supports Microsoft's DirectX 11.

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