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The Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D is one of five Hifonics Brutus Super D-Class Mono amplifiers.

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looks massive and formidable as a tank, very impressive

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enough power output to rattle the car

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pumps 2 15" kicker cvr 4ohms 500rms perfectly.

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good heat dissipation, keeps the amp performing consistently

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built very solidly, will take a few impacts from other things in the trunk without flinching

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good fine-tuning controls to get the bass sounding just the way you want it

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bass remote is designed well, easy to give it a quick tap to cut the bass when entering a quiet area

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Low power consumption

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lacks support for high-def 8 ohm drivers

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The Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D is one of five Hifonics Brutus Super D-Class Mono amplifiers. In particular, the BRZ1200.1D is the base unit, as it provides a maximum 1200 output @ 1 Ohm, 900 output at 2 Ohms, and 450 output at 4 Ohms. The 4- or 2-Ohm options offer a tighter bass response. Regardless, all five units in the Super D-Class series feature a new vertical fin heat-sink design for enhanced heat dissipation, which in turn means less impact on a car’s battery system. Featured also is variable low pass, subsonic filter, phase shift and level control. Additional features include a bass remote (included), integrated systems diagnostics technology / monitoring, and a balanced line input for MX accessories and line drivers.

  • Super D-Class Series
  • Mono Amplifier
  • 1/2/4-Ohm Options
  • 1200W Max Power
  • Vertical Fin Heat-Sink Design
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation
  • Improved Cost Savings (Energy)
  • Variable Low Pass
  • Subsonic Filter
  • Phase Shift
  • Level Control
  • Bass EQ w/45Hz Bass Boost
  • Balanced Line Input
  • Bass Remote
  • Integrated Diagnostics
  • Illuminated Hifonics Logo
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