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It is a 16'' laptop with an AMD dual-core processor and many other features that makes it a competitive laptop.

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fingerprint reader effective, reads properly every time

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runs cool and quiet during normal operation

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can handle large processing loads gracefully, no choke or lag

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brushed aluminum finish is fingerprint resistant, looks classy

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full-screen HD video renders flawlessly, no stutter or artifacts

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pressing the left mouse button on the clickpad tends to just move the mouse over

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touchpad is overly sensitive, reacts to the slightest passing touch

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With a glossy, modern design, the HP Pavilion dv6z Series is a 16'' laptop with an AMD dual-core processor and many other features that makes it a competitive laptop. Essentially a larger version of the dv4 and dv5 series notebooks, this value-priced AMD processor is perfectly capable of providing all the performance average computer users need. There is a choice of integrated or discrete graphics. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 graphics with 512MB of dedicated RAM performs reasonably well and is well suited to playing video files over HDMI to a HDTV. The HP Pavilion dv6z also has a practical exterior design. The body of the notebook is smooth with rounded edges, making it pretty comfortable in your hand while carrying it around. The screen also sports a latchless design, making it easy to open the notebook with one hand. The HP Pavilion dv6z comes in two colors,  "Espresso Black" and "Moonlight White", with a finish that holds up quite well to minor abrasion without scratching. However, the glossy plastics are very prone to collecting fingerprints, and the bubbles for "Espresso Black" might be considered too informal for the workplace. In general, the HP Pavilion dv6z is a great laptop for its price.

  • Windows 7
  • Choices of "Espresso Black" or "Moonlight White"
  • HP ProtectSmart HardDrive Protection
  • HP MediaSoftware
  • 1-year warranty on hardware
  • 4 USB ports
  • Webcam - no microphone
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