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It is an entry level set of stereo 2.0 speakers that come with an high-quality sound and an exclusive design.

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Master volume knob provides quick, precise level control - component is sturdy and moves accurately in accordance to volume adjustment

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Unit is sleek and aesthetically pleasing - thin, subtle design compliments virtually all home office environments

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Excellent low-priced alternative to built-in monitor speakers - unit provides fairly good audio outputting with sufficient volume handling

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Surprising amount of bass presence for a speaker at the sub-$50 price point - low-end frequencies are clear and punchy

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Speaker-mounted jacks provide enhanced connectivity options - headphone output and external audio input are excellent features

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Suitable for common-use home computers that aren't used for excessive music playback - handles "everyday sounds" fairly well

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Not compatible with laptop computers - speakers require wall-mounted AC power and attach to the computer via RCA (not headphone out)

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The Hercules XPS 2.0 10 Gloss is an entry level set of stereo 2.0 speakers that come with an high-quality sound and an exclusive design with a gloss black finish.

The XPS 2.0 10 Gloss speakers are 2 magnetically shielded satellite speakers so that they do not disturb your surroundings. They have a 5 Watts RMS total power supply (in 2 x 2.5W speakers) and have a peak power of 10 Watts. They come with a headphone jack and an audio input on the satellite's front face, as well as the master volume control knob being on the front. It has an integrated power source and meets RoHS standards. It also comes with an included 1.8m cable to connect it to your audio source, whether it be your computer, gaming system, MP3 player, or CD/DVD player.
This model is related to the Hercules XPS 2.0 10, which has a lot of the same features, except it comes with a different design and a silver finish. It also comes VoIP ready.

  • 2 multimedia speakers
  • stereo 2.0
  • gloss/lacquered finish
  • entry level
  • magnetically shielded satellite speakers
  • 5 Watts RMS total power supply
  • 10 Watts peak power
  • headphone jack
  • audio input
  • master volume control knob
  • integrated power source
  • 1.8m cable included to connect to audio source
  • meets RoHS standards
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